Homeware Shopfitting

Caem customers' retention is among the highest in the industry, this is thanks an apace development we deliver to retailers, in this case for a Homeware Shopfitting project.

The retailer trades with 20,000 sqft stores upwards, in continuous expansions and upgrading.

The overall aesthetics and feel of the store revolves on high gondola runs alternated by low ones. The gondola ends' are curved for improved feeling in the store. The homeware shopfitting solution is entirely modular, made in metal, for durability and re usability.



homeware homeware


Specific displays are integrated in the shelving where required in the homeware shopfitting, like this long items displays and carpets displays

homeware homeware homeware


The shelving is manufactured in a Caem propertary textured white, delivering a lot of light and calibrated to enhance the colours of the merchandise.homeware homeware homeware

Products in bulk and on promotions are displayed over these GP5-MAG tables, again completely modular and very strong for the type of products they can display.

homeware homeware

Glass shelves and undershelf light in LED has been developed and supplied for this homeware shopfitting project were required, enhancing in this case glassware merchandise.

homeware homeware homeware homeware

Special gondolas has been developed for bulk display. These gondolas feature a bespoke bulk display with handy petg acrylic dividers. They delivered a boost in sales of the products of above 100%!


homeware homeware homeware homeware homeware

Queue management in this homeware shopfitting has improved people management and increase impulse sales.

homeware homeware

The very high added value products have boosted in sales thanks to an entirely re designed section, fully modular and metal made.

Turning totems with special slatwall and mirrors

homeware homeware

Side panels, canopy with lights, storage drawers included in this homeware shopfitting deliver a sleek look and increase the value of products on sale.

homeware homeware homeware homeware homeware homeware homeware

More special solutions were developed for books and electric goods.

homeware homeware homeware homeware

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