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Discover CAEM and Made in Italy shopfitting

The term Made in Italy is American, first time used in early '70s for MoMa New York domestic forniture exhibition.
Design and technology have massively changed from that exhibition but Made in Italy is still synonymous of quality, creativity and innovation.
Shopfitting has evolved too: concepts like "space saving" and "modularity" have become keys to reach retail success. A shop has to look smart and efficient, forniture disappears to highlight merchandising and improve customers experience. Lines, materials and colours are all part of the game.
CAEM is active player of shopfitting sector from more than fifty years and works everyday to innovate products and techniques to answer all customers needs. In past 5 years CAEM increased its products database of 60k units improving offer and service.
All kind of shops can be filled with CAEM gear, from tightest to larger areas. The look is certainly different and modern.
Food, Pharma, DIY, Wire... Italians do it better!

pharmacy shopfitting pharmacy shopfitting

pharmacy shopfitting pharmacy shopfitting

Why you should choose CAEM:
- Long experience
- High productivity
- Global service
- Quality solutions
- Competitive prices

We are sure our help will be valuable for you.

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M25 rayonnage 25mm Paris France (17)

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