Pharmacy Shopfitting

Pharmacy Shopfitting at its best with Caem! #PharmaCaem

We manufacture shelving systems for the pharmacy shopfitting requirement, 'PharmaCaem'.

pharmacy shopfitting pharmacy shopfitting

The CAEM Group has had the opportunity to learn from experiences within Europe and further afield how Pharmacy stores are developing and changing for today and the future.

Based on this knowledge CAEM took the elements that are at the forefront of Pharmacy Shopfitting and are pleased to report on the success of the modern PharmaCaem range of solutions.

With #Pharmacaem your pharmacy achieves a stunning design, extreme operational efficiency, long term durability and a cost effective implementation.

Pharmacy Shopfitting is into a new era. Long are gone custom the timber effects, the new fashion is clean lines, pure whites, neat design.

With PharmaCaem the Pharmacy gains new efficiency: thanks to the state of the art #Medidrawer, the stock of drugs and medicines occupies less floor area, making the retail area larger, so customers can shop around before consulting the pharmacist, whilst in wait of his prescription.

Medidrawer is a single piece drawer that makes you think completely differently. It is not built fixed into a structure. It hangs safely and strongly onto our unique shelving system, at any moment in time it can be changed from being horizontal or inclined. It can also be changed in height very easily: lift it from the current position and put into a new position. This way the pharmacy fixtures change as your business grows, without added costs! Pharmacy Shopfitting is in a new age thanks to Caem Shelving.

Here you can see Medidrawers used for Will Call, the management of Prescriptions:

medidrawer-h-15cm-3 pharmacy shopfitting

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Medidrawer is available in two heights of 8cm / 3" and 15cm / 6" depending on the prescription area requirements.

pharmacy shopfitting

pharmacy shopfitting drawer pharmacy shopfitting

Counters can be built custom by using our modular structures, in a combination of sizes and finished. by adopting this solution, the designer can fit under the counter all the required devices plus the #pharmacaem accessories like #medidrawer and #pharmatray.

pharmacy shopfitting pharmacy shopfitting

When it comes to the retail area, nothing beats PharmaCaem. The metal modular shelving offers a variety of shelves models for epos and merchandising, together with tempered glass shelves with brackets that disappear behind.

It is clear that as well as having a strong product it is DESIGN that is winning new opportunities within this sector.

Pharmacy solutions demand equipment that represents the fundamentals of the type of stores that retailers feel excel rather than satisfy. In other words there is a move away from traditional value supermarket shelving to a more unique solution.

dautremer5jpg dacosta5

On the base shelf, is becoming increasingly popular: it is a single piece shelf, specifically developed for the base level, which delivers a neat look to the structure and by playing with combination of colours creates a basement effect, much desired by modern designers.

pharmacy shopfitting dacosta4 france-pharmacaem-adeco-pharmacie-renaud-10


pharmacy shopfitting

pharmacy shopfitting


Caem's Slim Gondola End is unique in the market: as a single piece solution that blends seamlessly with the rest of the shelving, thanks to its accurate manufacturing guarantees extreme precision on where the lines between the Podium of the base shelves and the lines of the Vertical Structure of the Gondola Ends meet. The overall effect is extremely clean, effective, perfect pharmacy shopfitting.

pharmacy shopfitting



Click here to see more pictures of pharmacies fitted with #Pharmacaem

Our 'RX' brochure includes a through explanation of our views about space savings, the utilisation of drawers and how to make the OTC are bigger in the Pharmacy. Click here to the RX Brochure


To understand more about our Drawer, please click here, visit our page including our main systems of drawers, Medidrawer and RXdrawer

For more informations on Will Call System #willcall, please watch the videos in this page, explaining how to make this difficult process quicker, cheaper, efficient and nicer for the customer



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CAEM have developed additional products that enhance our 40mm pitch system that create clean straight lines that draw the attention to detail rather than unsightly plain shelving.

We have Podium Base units, slim ends, glass shelves, bulk storage drawers, indexing systems, slim shelves and brackets all designed to create the perfect Pharmacy Retail environment.

As well as the improvements for the retail area we have the Medi Drawer which has proved very successful and well respected with clients throughout the UK. CAEM Medi Drawers are robust and complement the Pharmacy area of the store. The Medi Drawer allows the storage of drugs and complete Prescriptions to be stored in a small area and quick and easy access for staff.

Our products are all designed and manufactured in Italy and are available in our standard Pure White finish with many colours available to complete the brand image required.

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