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Sector Counter

Sector excellence includes a counter system which is effective, solid and of essential design. Counters are available in various sizes and in all timber finished and colours. A range of accessories complete the Infinity solution programme: light front panels, glass containers, magazine tiered planks and drawers.
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Met Counter

Entirely modular and built in metal, the MET counter is a strong yet flexible solution. It includes several length modules and corners. Thanks to the wide range of colour options, it can be customized by the customers' demand.
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Gold Checkouts

The CAEM Gold Checkouts range brings to the market its practical contents, which make daily operations easy, intuitive and safe. Features: • Metal modular structure with powder coated paint, easy to transport and ready to install. • Side profile is special, non-scratch aluminium. the strong pvc bumper is black or transparent. • Stainless steel basin…
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