Racking Shopfitting

Time lapse recording showing another successfully Racking Shopfitting completed Merchants project by CAEM UK.

This prime site located in Central London was completed on a very tight timeframe and deadline. The project was completed before Christmas 2016 at the special request of the client to allow Merchandising and store opening to exceed their expectations.

CAEM UK successfully supplied the full range of Merchant systems including Pallet racking, Heavy Duty Shelving, Racking Shopfitting , Integrated Shelving and Gondola retail shelving. The range was finished in a special colour and has been very well received by the client with more sites planned for early 2017.

CAEM UK have listened to the customer and developed a range of systems and Racking Shopfitting that delivers a retail feel to the Merchant environment.

The Racking Shopfitting client was on site for the whole of the project and made several changes to the layout but this did not delay the completion of the project because the availability and flexibility of your systems allowed these changes to be implemented pain free.

shelving installation

racking shopfitting

Further developments continue and you can expect to see this range of specialised systems being supplied and installed in various formats throughout the UK.

You can see the video also here

Our systems are suitable for Timber Merchants, Plumbing Merchants, DIY stores, Trade Counters and many more. Caem leads the market in Racking Shopfitting.

Our Merchant Partner – MDS – use their experience with this sector and CAEM UK’s system expertise on Racking Shopfitting  to win and retain new customers in this market. We expect this sector to grow in 2017 and are in a prime position to fulfil the demand expected.

If you would like more details please contact CAEM

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racking shopfitting

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