Shelving Systems

Shelving is our passion. We engineer and manufacture a range of flexible, durable and evolutionary retail shelving systems.

Having served every retail sector worldwide over the last 60 years, we understand the unique priorities of our individual clients.

Made in Italy with your needs at heart.

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The complete pharmacy shopfitting solution. A huge suite of modular furniture solutions with a variety of design options and custom touches to meet your individual retail goals.

Specialist pharmacy shelving is necessary because your pharmacy customer isn’t your typical browser. They have worries, concerns and health anxieties. They need a front of house retail area that puts them at ease. PharmaCAEM does it with functionality and elegance.

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M25 - 25mm Shelving

Looking for a shelving system that gives you an extra shelf across the store?

The M25 is highly configurable to deliver higher retail results. Its central back panels improve the use of floorspace. The ultralow base in combination with the hinging price tag increase facing merchandising dramatically. M25's load bearing joint design means it’s able to handle heavy products while still looking stylish.

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T30 - Minimalist Shelving

Truly open shelving maximises visibility and sales.

The CAEM T30 retail shelving system reduces the shelf structure to a minimum. This approach increases product visibility ensuring that your merchandise gets the attention it deserves.

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M25 Wire - The Finer Touch

The complete range of wire shelving with a revolutionary approach to traditional flat shelving. 

M25 Wire makes the merchandise stand out thanks to its slimmer shelf edge and narrower price tags.

It also provides better light transmission, letting light permeate down through the shelves, displaying items more effectively.

Our retailers are experiencing a dramatic cost reduction in cleaning costs, because the dust or crumbs just fall through.

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TN9 - The Fully Modular

The original and still one of the favourites among retailers, this modular shelving system was the first to be created by Nedo Magrini in 1958 and feature the widest range of bespoke solutions.

It accommodates modular planks to single piece shelves. What’s more, it’s durable, thanks to its plasticised coating and will stand you in good stead throughout the lifespan of your store.

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S50 - The 50mm Compatible

If you need to interchange components with your current 50mm shelving, then the S50 gives you just that.

S50 is our 50mm compatible shelving. Whether you’re adding to existing shelving or you’re looking for shelves you can expand on in the future, you can rely on the S50 to play nicely with both CAEM and other 50mm pitch shelving. Choose your ideal width and number of shelves and hey presto! The S50 has got you covered.

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D25 - Dispensary Furniture

CAEM works with pharmacies and hospitals to organise their dispensaries. D25 is the solution that brings aesthetic beauty and extreme functionality to your dispensary.

D25 fits the exact needs of pharmacists and dispensaries with drawers and workbenches. The durable, flexible system dramatically increases your drugs storage capacity, allowing you to service more patients and increase your retail area. The fully steel construction is both hard wearing and flexible to your future needs.

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Made in Italy

CAEM is the guarantee of the finest design and quality.

Widest Colours' Range

Our state of the art powder coating systems will deliver the stores' look you are after.

Bespoke Designs

A shelving system is just a starting point for you: we will design and develop your custom solution.

Modular Shopfitting Systems

CAEM is constantly evolving its products range to improve retailers' shopping environments.

We maximise on the best performing ideas developed worldwide.

Discover more shopfitting solutions, from CAEM.

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