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CAEM works with retailers around the globe operating in every sector. This incredible experience is at your disposal when developing your new store format.

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CAEM understands every retail sector's needs. Your shop format and displays will be designed and manufactured with your needs in mind.


Specialist pharmacy shelving is necessary because your pharmacy customer isn’t your typical browser. They have worries, concerns and health anxieties. They need a front of house area that puts them at ease, with product stands that give them access to the information they need. Far from looking clinical, with Pharmacaem they step into a calming oasis where they easily find the products they're searching for.

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CAEM are experts in Healthcare sector shelving. Our precision-engineered, focused systems are attractive, safe, hygienic and easy to install.

Our shelving systems come with a wide selection of accessories too, ensuring you can customise them to your exact needs whether front or back of house. Get the perfect tailored solution for your store and products.

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CAEM Bio shelving and solutions are ideal for shops focused on organic produce or package free solutions. Our systems include, not just steel but wooden accents and complementary systems.

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CAEM shelving for convenience stores brings flexibility, with systems and complementary solutions to maximise your space and help you to merchandise more.



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CAEM supermarket shelving for food stores is flexible and easy to install. Choose a system that puts clever merchandising and retail performance at the forefront.



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Pet shop shelving has traditionally been uninspiring, with pet supplies being seen as practical. More recently, however, we’ve grown to see our pets as members of the family. We want our pet stores to reflect the love and joy we feel for our furry friends. That’s why pet shop shelving shouldn’t be seen as an afterthought. It’s a vital stage for your animal-friendly show-stoppers.

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Homeware sector shelving is a platform for your customers’ aspirations. Your displays create the essence of the home they dream of.

Help them fall effortlessly in love with your chic homeware lines with CAEM shelving and lighting.

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Newsagents require a specific set of solutions to fit their specific range of merchandise. CAEM understands this need and stocks a range of flexible, modular solutions to maximise space, effectively display these items and increase sales.

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DIY Sector Shelving has altogether unique considerations compared to other retail stores.

CAEM’s performance-focused design provides the flexibility and strength to display a huge cross section of products, securely and attractively.

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Checkoutless stores are the latest innovation in the retail sector. Allowing the convenience of walk-in, Walk-out shopping.

CAEM has worked with some of the top names in the market to develop solutions for these stores. 

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Whether you’re a retailer, shopfitter or designer, CAEM will work with you to realise your store vision through our shop shelving units. Our clients come from many sectors, for instance, supermarkets, DIY, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and and more.

For over 60 years, we’ve been turning your store concepts into a reality, always with an ear to the ground listening out for evolutions in shelving and store formatting. Therefore, we can easily cater for a range of shelving products and services that suit a variety of needs.


Shelving for major retailers needs to set the bar high. Major retailers should be at the cutting edge of the customer experience and retail performance. Large retail needs to understand customers, know the tricks of successful merchandising and keep ahead of the competition.

CAEM can help you to realise your vision, supplying a range of market leading shelving solutions and custom options to reflect your brand, maximise sales, attract and retain customers.

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CAEM is the perfect manufacturing partner for shopfitters. Our values match those of fast paced shopfitters, needing trustworthy suppliers. Our loyalty score tells: some shopfitters have been on board for 30+ years!

With an ever-increasing range of shelving for shopfitting, you can always find what your clients want.

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We love to create customised shelving for designers. Are you undertaking a project where an off-the-shelf retail solution doesn’t meet your requirements? Do you need something custom? Work with CAEM to create the perfect mix of standard and bespoke shelving systems, and options that work for your clients.

We know a thing or two about engineering custom shelving and the needs of designers. Get in touch and our expert team can help to minimise your headaches.

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